New York City Photographer

Try not to become a man of success,
but rather try to become a man of value.
– Albert Einstein



Chronicling personally significant, relevant events and everyday life.

Jason Derevitsky Event Photography


Capturing the emotion and mood of an intimate to large gala, conference, tradeshow, corporate, artistic, or athletic event contributes to telling its story. This is integral to help promote or sell it the next year, for use of public relation companies and documenting for archival purposes.

Jason Derevitsky Portrait Photography


In an era of “selfies” there has never been more of a need for a genuine professional photographer who, with a calculated snap of a real camera can produce a revealing portrait. Portraits, or headshots, should illustrate the story of the subject while welcoming the viewer to sell the executive, or support the personality of the individual.

Jason Derevitsky Product Photography


Businesses rely on great images of their products to convince and entice customers. High-quality and detail rich photographs are essential to make products stand out and sell. Lighting, composition and experience are necessary to successfully capture textures of wood and fabric, making metals shine and knowing which backgrounds or props to style the photos so the focus is on the product.

About Jason Derevitsky

Jason Derevitsky attended ICP. No, not insane clown posse, but International Center of Photography in New York City and took extra courses at New York University in photography. He has worked with high end jewelry designers, design agencies and skin care companies.

Jason enjoys taking photo’s of stuff through reflections (It’s probably something to do with looking at things from a different perspective or some kind of mumbo jumbo like that). He specializes in Product photography, Events and Portraits. He was born in Brooklyn, NY but now lives and works in Astoria, NY for the past ten years.

Jason discovered a new love for documentary photography and showcased the Survivalist series at the Soho Photo Gallery in 2015. He is currently working on a new project about his travels across the United States.


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